Fire Bricks Manufacturers: What do you know about them?

Just as salt is an indispensable part of every dish, refractories are an important part of a manufacturing unit. In fact one can say that without a refractory, production and manufacturing industry cannot survive.

Now, you may think what the connection between a refractory and fire bricks is?

Obviously the inner lining of a refractory is made by manufacturers of rectangle shaped bricks known as Fire bricks.  These bricks are not only used in manufacturing units. They are used in traditional ovens, kilns and fire places also has a major role to play in glass manufacturing.

1. Fire bricks manufacturers India

If you think that fire bricks manufacturers has recently invented, then you are mistaken. We, human beings started using firebricks long ago, when civilizations began. Though on a first look the fire bricks may not appeal you, they have a long story behind them and it is interesting too.

What really are these fire bricks?

They are made from clay and are popularly known as fireplace bricks.  In fact the clay is so common that you can find it literally around you. The firebrick also has a nickname by refractory brick.

The process of making a firebrick by manufacturers :

First the person who works in a brick factory mixes raw clay with the right amounts of sand and water He then uses a hydraulic press and sent the mixture to large steel moulds for pressing them. To strengthen them further, they are fired at 1000 centigrade. For this purpose a rail kiln is used. People who lay bricks are known as bricklayers and the bricks are transported to the site using large conveyor belts.

2. Fire Bricks applications

Fire Bricks – where are they used?

Fire bricks are mainly used for building cooking chamber in wood fired ovens. They are also used for creating fire places, in fireboxes and wood heaters linings. Apart from these they are used in large industrial projects.

Do you know that why fire bricks can with stand reheating several times? 

Fire bricks have an amazing property of low porosity and heavy density which helps them to last for a long time.

Fire bricks and their different types

When it comes to the content in the fire bricks and other refractory products, the percentage of alumina present in the bricks is taken into consideration. Knowing the percentage of alumina is important as it helps the user to choose the right product for the right temperature. Fire bricks manufacturers describes that having higher AL content will be costly and they will be more hard and brittle too. If you are going to buy fire bricks, it is extremely important that you have information about fire bricks.

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