We produce high quality Dense Castables. Whytheat A 90% Alumina Dense Castable (Superior Strength) Castable is useful for forming strong joints. The maximum service temperature that Whytheat A 90% can provide is 1750° C. The maximum Grain Size it contains is 5mm.


 Product Type  Whytheat Super A
 Nature of Bond  Hydraulic
 Installation  Vibration Casting
 General Properties
 Max. Service Temperature  1750° C
 Maximum Grain Size  5 mm
 Water Required For Casting  8.0-9.5%
 Chemical Analysis %  Typical Value
 Al2O3  85-90
 Fe2O3  0.8- 1.5
 CaO  5.5 – 6.5
 Physical Properties
 Bulk density  g / cc
 After drying at 110°C/24 hrs  2.80 – 2.95
 CCS, kg/cm2 after drying at 110°C/24hrs  850-950
 After heating at 1100°C/3 hrs  400-500
 After heating at 1550°C/3 hrs  650-750
 % retained on max. size  0-5
 Thermal Properties
 Refractoriness, Orton / °C  +37/1820
 After heating at PLC%
 After heating at 1100°C/3 hrs  -0.40 to +0.20
 After heating at 1550°C/3 hrs  -0.70 to -2.20
 Packaging  25 kg bags
 Storage life  6 months
 Delivery state  dry