Thermotex is the plastic, air setting refractory cement which is used for laying bricks with thin joints, air and gas joints and strong joints. Ravani Ceramics provides superior quality Thermotex as per the requirements and specifications given by clients. The Ceramic fiber product thermotex can be shaped or molded in any shape of refractory brick and of any density as per requirements. Thermotex is useful for quick repair and monolithic lining. Our range of Thermotex and ceramic products consist of bulk fiber boards, ropes and papers that are in much use in furnaces, reactors, kilns, investment casting moulds and insulation of gas and steam turbines.

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Uses of our products :

Setting firebricks
Minor patching work
Filling in cracks
Surfacing of wash coating

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It has superior spreading qualities that make joints closer. Also, the benefit is that it is light in weight. Our range of products High temperature refractory cement is accepted and appreciated by our clients all over the nation. We are widely spread thermotex manufacturers and products in affordable prices. Our product range includes high and low temperature ceramic hooks, fiber blankets, fiber boards, fiber rope & tape.

Our products meet all the ISI specifications required and are authenticated by reliable and responsible government laboratories. These products can be delivered customized as per client needs & specifications. Also, our products are widely used in various sectors such as petrochemicals and non-ferrous, automobile, etc.

Forms of Products :

High temperature refractory fire cement- 50 kg bag
High temperature refractory cement- 45kg & 100 kg Drum.