The Boiler Bed Material is the one of the prime requirement for Boiler operation. It is a special type of  crushed refractory grog. It is the must requirement for Liquidized Bed Boilers.

The Boiler Bed Material is processed output of special Refractory aggregates of high chemical purity, dense consistency, and high refractoriness. It is an appropriate product to sustain technical properties for liquidization at high temperatures up to 1400°C under most critical working situations. The product is designed with special attention to its very uniqueness and service requirements.

In addition to this,  Refractory Bed Material produced by Ravani Ceramics for FBC & CFBC Boilers is a very exclusive refractory product, processed specially to give smooth liquidization with different fuels under different service conditions. It also has a very high productivity and many special attributes that makes it a precious material for FBC & CFBC Boilers with larger scale of economy.



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Special Characteristics:

Accurately Screened Material Free From Dust and Fines
Perfect Particle Size Distribution
No Over Sized Particles
Resistant Against Clinker Formation
Perfect in Obtaining Smooth Fluidization
Exceptional Chemical Purity
High I.D.T (Initial Deformation Temperature)
Very Low Alkali Contents
No Free Iron Particles – Processed Through Magnetic Separators
Perfectly Controlled Material Density
Hard Material with Dense Texture