Mortar is a workable paste used for binding building blocks such as bricks, stones, concrete masonry units, filling and sealing blocks together and between them. Ravani Ceramics is a leading exporter and manufacturer of Ceramic products including Mortar that is highly appreciated and well accepted by our clients. Mortar includes pitch, asphalt, soft mud or clay, etc. Cement mortar becomes hard once dried up and results into rigid aggregate structure. However, by nature the mortar intends to be weaker than building blocks and sacrificial element in the masonry.

These products exported by us are very affordable and easier to use. These are typically made from a mixture of sand, a binder in it and some water. There are several varieties and additives available with us.
Ordinary cement
Polymer Mortar
Fire Stop Mortar

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Functionality of Our Products :

Consistent quality, strength, and color.
Compliance with specifications
Improved health and safety
Accurate cement content
Improved health and safety on site.

It consist of inert siliceous material that is fixed with cement and water in such proportions that the content would be sufficiently plastic to enable ready application. This protects from collapsing under the masonry unites. The Lime mortar helps in adding smoothness and sometimes coloring agents are also added to it. It later hardens like stone mass, and effectively distributes the load of mass uniformly over the surface and provides a weather joint. Choosing the mortar mix is not an exercise, it depends on the adhesion and sealing requirements.