Our sole objective is to increase your profitability by achieving a long service life by choosing high quality Magnesite Bricks. We choose the right products to withstand severe conditions. Depending on the order and requirement, we select the optimal brick qualities. By keeping refractoriness in mind, the level of flexibility, chemical corrosion resistance, coating ability and thermal resistance power, the quality is chosen. We are proud to announce our indulgence in manufacturing and exporting of premium quality magnesite bricks that are mainly used in front and back wall of open hearth furnaces and chemical industries.

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Types Of Magnesite Bricks :

1) Burned Magnesite Brick

In burned Magnesite Bricks, Magnesia is used as raw material. It performs very well at high temperatures and it has a very strong slag resistance property.

Where it is used ?

It is used to construct permanent lining of EAF ( Electric Arc Furnace ) and steel converters, lime kilns, glass tank regenerators, torpedo cars and non-ferrous furnaces.

2) Fused Magnesite brick

To produce Fused Magnesite Bricks, Magnesia is fused  and shaped  under high pressure. After that  it is fired under extremely high temperature and finally some technical treatment is applied to produce finished product. It has high bulk density and performs well at high temperature. It also serves as a strong resistant for hydration.

Where it is used ?

It is used in the tapping hole of the converter with severe slag corrosion and wear, in the slag line of non-ferrous furnaces, the tapping hole of metal mixer furnaces and in the chimney block of glass tank regenerator.

3) Magnesite Alumina brick

Magnesite Alumina bricks are produced from good quality Magnesia and Alumina Bauxite. It also contains small proportions of periclase and spinel. It performs well at high temperature and provides good thermal shock resistance. It also gives strong slag resistance and high RUL performance.

Where it is used ?

It is used in steel ladle, permanent lining of steel furnace, iron mixer and also in other refractory material industry furnaces.

4) Magnesite-Alumina Spinel brick

Magnesite Alumina Spinel Brick is an environment friendly product manufactured by Ravani Ceramics. It is produced by high quality magnesia and synthetic magnesite-alumina spinel clinker with a large proportion of periclase and spinel.

Where it is used ?

It is used in the transition zone in cement rotary kilns, glass tank regenerators, lime kiln and the refractory material zones where experiences great temperature change.

5) Ordinary Magnesite Chrome Brick

It is made from sintered magnesia and chrome ore and sintered at high temperature. It is  having higher bulk density and stronger thermal resistance than the magnesite brick

Where it is used ?

It is used in cement rotary kilns, glass kiln regenerators, permanent lining of steel furnace permanent and refining ladle permanent lining of refining ladle.

6) Directe-Bonded Magnesite Chrome brick

It is made of low impurity chrome ore and high purity magnesia and fired at high temperature over 1700° Fahrenheit. It has a strong slag resistance and good performance under high temperature.

Where it is used ?

It is used in cement rotary kilns, electric arc furnaces, and non-ferrous metal furnaces.

7) Rebonded Magnesite-Chrome brick

It is made with synthetic fused magnesia, shaped under high pressure and fired at ultra high temperature. It is produced using high purity of the raw material, the product has good high temperature performance, high thermal resistance, low air-permeability, and strong slag resistance.

Where it is used?

It is used in tapping hole of AOD ( Argon Oxygen Decarburization ) furnace, the lower vessel of vacuum chamber and snorkel of RH furnace, and the slag line of high temperature furnaces.

8) Semi-Rebonded Magnesite-chrome brick

The Semi-Reboned Magnesia-Chrome Brick is made from Fused Magnesia-Chrome melting grain, high purity fused and burned magnesia sands, and chrome ore through ultra high temperature. It has excellent thermal shock resistance of the direct bonded brick and the good corrosion resistance of the Fused Rebonded Magnesia-Chrome Bricks. The Semi-Reboned Magnesia-Chrome Brick is a rebonded product made from the fused grain of the fused magnesia-chrome.

Where it is used ?

It has the same application as Semi-Rebonded Magnesite-chrome bricks.

9) Magnesite Dolomite brick

Magnesite Dolomite brick is produced from high purity and density magnesia and sintered magnesia dolomite clinker with major components of periclase and lime. The brick is shaped under high pressure and fired with high temperature, with appropriate Mgo/Cao ratio raw materials to meet with the requirement of various applications. Magnesite Dolomite brick offers good thermal resistance and anti-spalling performance purifying the steel by removing sulfur and phosphorus; while used in cement rotary kilns providing good coating protection to the kilns.

Where it is used ?

Magnesite Dolomite brick is used mainly in refining furnaces such as AOD, VOD ( Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization ), and ladles. It is also used in the burning zone of cement refractory kiln as the substitute of magnesite chrome brick.

In order to meet the variegated requirements of our valuable customers, we offer these magnesite bricks in various sizes and shapes. Our range of products are made by using premium quality material that offer strength to these bricks. The range of products that we offer are highly cherished for its quality, it durability, our strength and the services. In addition, the prices are also very competitive. Our clients can avail superior quality magnesite bricks that are sourced from renowned vendors in the market.

Our magnesite bricks are efficiently checked by our quality analysts to ensure that the product is damage free and free from defects. Only after accurate checking, the products are supplied to the customers. The designs and quality may vary from customer to customer. In case of special designs, the requirement can be met with order specifications. Clients can avail all these services for pocket friendly prices.