We are specialized manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality collection of fiber papers which is widely demanded for various purposes. Ceramic Fiber Paper is an alumina-silicate ceramic fiber based non-woven fabric. It is produced and manufactured by a special process of paper-making process which includes high purity washed fibers. These Fiber papers are suitable for high temperature insulation up to 2300 degree F.

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Characteristics of Our Products :

White in color, Flexible, Good uniformity, decent handling strength
Resists high temperatures up to 2300 degree F.
Low thermal conductivity, Thermal shock resistant
Automatic stamping, good for die-cut
Good corrosion resistant
Good die electric strength

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Applications Area :

Insulation, lining for furnace, boiler and appliance, stove and oven
Fire protection
Spark protection
Thermal insulation, gasket, seal, glass melting applications
High temperature electrical insulation
High temperature filtration
Metal casting
Kiln and desk covering
Hot top linings
Backup lining for metal troughs

They consist of high purity alumino silicate fiber. It is made through fiber washing process. Our uniqueness of the product is its light weight nature. The range of product provided by us is mainly available in three different grades varying with its width, thickness and quality as per specifications of the clients. The papers are available in high purity grades too.

Our product delivers unparalleled flexibility for the application of mold wraps. By bringing into use the advanced technology and advanced engineering, we ensure no cracking or damage while wrapping tight diameters. These papers are majorly used where thermal performance and uniformity is high and critical.