Ravani Ceramics are leading Ceramic fiber board exporters and products suppliers in refractory industries. They’re featured with resistance towards very high temperatures, temperature stability, thermal conductivity, excellent resistance towards thermal shocks, and consistent density. They contain cera materials that help in resistance of oxidation and reduction.

We as ceramic fiber board exporters have made our product available in variety of shapes and sizes, different densities, thickness, lengths and widths, and different vacuum formed shapes.

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Features include :

Boards up to 60 inch * 60 inch & 8 inches thick
High temperature resistance up to 3000 F (As per order)
Matching capabilities
High density boards with high strengths and better surface
Burn out furnace to remove organics

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Applications of Ceramic Fiber Boards :

Molten metals
Chimney linings in kilns and furnaces
Thermal barriers and industrial heat shields
Insulating backup to brick
Furnace hot face lining
High temperature boiler wall insulation

Specification :

Product properties Ceramic fiber board
Maximum temperature grade. C 1600,1400,1260
Dimensions 500*1000
Thickness 6,12,19,25,38,& 50
Density 320, 416, 480, 576, & 640
Application area Back up insulation, expansion joints, hot gas duct, crucibles, lining of furnace and kilns, etc.

These boards are prepared from ceramics that contain organic and inorganic substances with or without mineral filters. The key feature of our product is it has high strength due to binder system and long resilient filament structure. This makes it resilient resistant and chemical resistant as well. Therefore, it is unaffected by chemical spillage and he properties are restored back after drying. The Ceramic fiber board exporters in India have been widely spread across all the parts.