Our refractory Ceramic Fiber product in India is highly versatile and widely accepted material across the nation. It is available in wide range of products such as air-laid into a blanket, blown into bulk, die-cut into gaskets, liquid binders for mastics and cements, and other textiles. When it comes to supplying our products, you can be sure of our delivery. We deliver right product, rightly engineered system that fits into your requirements. When it comes to our customers, we’ve been known for being the most loyal ceramic fiber suppliers India.

They are used like insulation materials because of their ability to withstand very high temperatures. The fibers are widely used for lining of furnaces and kilns.

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Consumer Applications in Various Industries :

Domestic appliances
Automotive industry
Commercial fire protection
Hobby furnaces

Commercial industries and domestic appliances using fiber insulation include pizza-ovens toasters, water-heaters, fireplace logs, wood stoves, home heating furnaces, and self- cleaning furnaces.

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Properties of Ceramic Fiber Products :

Presence of amorphous / crystalline synthetic mineral fibers (stability at high temperatures)
Made of metal oxides, Alumina, silicon carbide
Presence of 90% base oxide and also specialty products may possess 100%.

There are a variety of products provided by ceramic fiber product suppliers and hence exhibit a classic range of chemical properties as well as physical properties. The ceramic fibers exported by us are cream to white in color. Their thermal shock resistance and quality of light weight make them demanding and useful in number of industries. Although the ceramic fibers were produced in late 1940’s they came in high use after 1970’s. It was after 1970’s that the demand for ceramic fibers increased for commercial purpose.