What is a Foundry ?

A foundry is a factory that produces different shapes of metal by pouring liquid metal into a specific shaped mould. The liquid poured in the mould is kept in the mould until it cools down and forms a solid metal. The solid metal is then taken out from the mould either by ejecting or by breaking the mould.

Refractory Products Used in Foundry

The refractory products used in foundry are mentioned below:
Block Insulation – It is a high temperature insulation made up of semi-refractory fibers which are bonded together with an organic/inorganic binder system.
Cement – Normal portland cement cannot sustain at very high temperatures, but the bauxite based refractory cement can sustain in such situations. It is used to produce castable and gunning mixes.
Mortar – Mortar is produced by heat resistant binding system and low grain size refractory granulates. The prime application of mortar is jointing bricks.
Crucibles- Crucible is a ceramic or metal container in which metals or other substances are melted at very high temperature.
Fiber Modules – Ceramic Fiber Module is made from Ceramic Fiber Blanket folded under compression to form folded module and pre cut blanket stack bonded to form a module.
Firebrick – A refractory brick built primarily to withstand high temperature and having a low thermal conductivity for greater energy efficiency is known as firebrick.
Fireclay – Differnt types of refractory clays used to produce ceramic products is called Fireclay.
Insulating Brick – Soft and light in weight bricks that can be easily cut by normal cutting equipments with excellent insulating properties is called insulating bricks.
Ladles / Ladle Bowls – Ladle or ladle bowl is a vessel used to transport and pour out molten metals.
Plastic Refractory and Ramming Mixes – Plastic refractories are mixtures of refractory materials prepared in a stiff plastic condition for application without further preparation. They are generally rammed in place with a pneumatic hammer or pounded with a mallet, which is why they are sometimes called “ramming mixes.”
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