Refractories – The Heart Of Industries

In the present era, the best option for a developing nation to increase its wealth is industries. The giant industries gives employment to its thousands of employees and workers and the governments also earn large amount of tax income by these industries and thus the industry leads the country to the path of prosperity. But there is one thing without which the industries can’t survive. Yes! and that thing is “Refractories”. Refractories are non-metallic materials that can retain its strength and properties also when they are exposed to environments at very high temperatures that can be more than 1000° Fahrenheit. Whether the industry uses furnaces, kilns, incinerators or reactors, the refractories are the most essential part of its production units.

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Refractory Products

Refractories are mainly made up of ceramics and are used for lining furnaces, kilns, incinerators and reactors. Refractories are  also used for manufacturing crucibles.

What constitutes refractories ?

Refractories are made up of natural and synthetic materials, which is most often nonmetallic, or of combinations of compounds and minerals such as alumina, bauxite, fireclay, dolomite, chromite, magnesite, silicon carbide, zirconia and others.

Where are refractories used ?

Refractory products are used in all industrial high-temperature processes in the basic industries and cannot be substituted. Some applications that us refractory are:

  1. Converter ( Steel Industry )
  2. Ladle ( Steel Industry )
  3. Electric Arc Furnace ( Steel Industry )
  4. Tundish ( Steel Industry – Flow Control )
  5. Rotary Kiln ( Cement Industry )
  6. Lime shaft Kiln ( Lime Industry )
  7. Glass Tank ( Glass Industry )

What are the products included in Refractories ?

Refractories include a wide range of products which are commonly in brick shape or in powder form. The most common refractory products that are used at present are:

  1. Fire Bricks
  2. Ceramic Fiber
  3. Thermotex
  4. Castable
  5. Mortar

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