LRB Mattresses are flexible rock fiber mattresses. They are stitched with wire mesh and manufactured from stable rock fibers bonded. It has a minimum quantity of thermosetting resin binder. LRB Mattresses are light weight, strong, resilient, easy to handle.  They are cut in such a way that they  suit intricate shapes.

Light Resin Bonded Matress Image

Standard dimensions

  Thickness(mm)   Width(mm)     Length(m)
      25 to 140         1220   1.52 to 4.00*

Standard density

  Density(kg/m)   Thickness(mm)
           80         40 – 110
          100         25 – 100
          120         25 – 100
          144         25 – 100


LRB Mattresses are available with a galvanized steel or stainless steel hexagonal wire netting (mesh) on one or two sides. It can work up to 750 °C. LRB Mattresses are non-combustible when they are tested in accordance with IS 3144, BS 476 (part 4), ISO 1182 and ASTM E136. They  have the following fire safety rating achievements:

  • Class I surface spread of flame in accordance to BS 476 (part 7)
  • Class 0 in accordance to the BS 476 (part 6 & 7) and to British Building Regulations
  • Class A1 in accordance with European norms
  • Show loss in total mass less than 5% when tested in accordance to IS 3144
  • Surface burning characteristics in accordance to ASTM E84
    a: Fire Spread Index: Less than 25
    b: Smoke Developed Index: Less than 50