High Alumina Bricks 70% AL2O3 is produced using Bauxite and Clay Grog. It is an excellent resistant of spalling, Corrosion and Slag and has high refractoriness. The R.U.L. ( Refractoriness Under Load ) of High Alumina Brick 70% AL2O3 is 1450 °C. Its A.P. ( Apparent Porosity ) is 23%, B.D. ( Bulk Density ) is 2.60 g/cc and C.C.S. ( Cold Crushing Strength ) is 500 Kg/cm2 . The amount of Ferric Oxide in High Alumina Brick 70% AL2O3 is 3%.

Where it is used ?

It is used by Cement and Steel Industry in Cement, Lime kiln Burning Zone, Electric Arc Furnace roof and Steel ladles.

Specifications :

Quality HA 70-30
AL2O3 70%
FE2O3 3.00%
AP 23%
BD 2.60 gm/cc
C.C.S. 500 Kg/Cm2
R.U.L 1450 °C
Raw Material Base Bauxite, Clay Grog
Special FeatureE Excellent resistant to spalling, corrosion and slag, high refractoriness
Area Of Usage Cement, lime kiln burning zone, electric arc furnace roof, steel ladles
User Industry Cement Steel