High Alumina Bricks 50% AL2O3 is produced using Bauxite and Clay Grog. It is a very good abrasive resistant and slag resistant. The R.U.L. ( Refractoriness Under Load ) of High Alumina Brick 50% AL2O3 is 1400 °C. Its A.P. ( Apparent Porosity ) is 23%, B.D. ( Bulk Density ) is 235 g/cc and C.C.S. ( Cold Crushing Strength ) is 400 Kg/cm2 . The amount of Ferric Oxide in High Alumina Brick 50% AL2O3 is 3%.

Where it is used ?

It is used by Cement Industries in Kiln hood, Cooler, Hot air generator.

Specifications :

Quality HA 50-30
AL2O3 50%
FE2O3 3.00%
AP 23%
BD 2.35 gm/cc
C.C.S. 400 Kg/Cm2
R.U.L 1400 °C
Raw Material Base Bauxite, Clay Grog
Special Feature Abrasion resistant, Slag resistant
Area Of Usage Kiln Hood, Cooler, Hot air generator
User Industry Cement